It irritates me. It angers me. It creates differences. It drifts everyone apart. It causes problems for everyone around me. I have the simplest of issues with it. Everyone does. I guess everyone would face the same hindrance, same feeling of being stuck in a claustrophobic room. What is this “It”? Nothing but the control, and the ego and the attitude of mine. It doesnt necessarily have to be anger as the primary cause, as it could be anything due to the fundamental reason being anxiety or uncertainty. I believe we all are living a life of uncertainty at one point in time or other. We as humans have a lot of desires and wishes, tangible or intangible. They tend to mess with our minds and they tend to make us do things, which we probably could have done without them, just fine. Off course, we need to make a living for ourselves, and that is the exact reason why we have to continue hustling for it and that is exactly the reason for our uncertainty.

I have had my share of uncertainty, and as a matter of fact, I continue to live with it constantly hovering my mind and body. Sometimes, you would see that uncertainty has the supreme power over you and why would you feel that way? Simple. You are a slave of it without any real control of yours on your own self. We as humans, we all crave for happiness and peace. We all want a stable life and a peaceful life. We all want a life that is smooth going without any hassles and ups and downs. We love to see ourselves surrounded by the merriments and we want out family members and our near and dear ones remain happy forever too. Now the funny thing is that, none of these desires are confirmed and none of them can remain certain forever. So what is it? An illusion of control over our minds? You know why I say this is because, majority of the times, we know for a fact that we cannot for sure, acheive them. We know right there, and then that we have no control over it and still we keep hoping things will be fine, forcing our subconcious minds to believe that we are absolutely fine and we will get through these hard times.

I think a more permanent solution to fix uncertainty is to simply accept whatever is happening with us or if we know the outcome then to accept whatever is going to happen with us. I believe acceptance is the key here. When we accept, we are sure and we convince ourselves that it could either be a bad thing or it would be a good thing. There is hardly any chance of a grey area. Uncertainty is going to give us nothing but trouble and is going to snatch away our peace of mind and also our left over happiness. Why allow uncertainty to rule us? Why give it the power to control our emotions and force us to live in jeopardy? Why not simply allow ourseves to settle for the simple funda, that is, whatever is going to happen will happen, come what may! I have started working on this practice and its helping me. Maybe you can start it too? Think about it!


Anger Management

Anger, now what exactly can anyone make of it? I personally think that there is nothing that anger cannot ruin. Well, silly me, who wouldnt agree on this one right? Now is anger really the culprit here? Are we not equally culprit, when we are cultivating this anger inside us, allowing this devil to creep inside us and giving away the key to literally rule our hearts and minds? I think we do all that I just wrote! I am sure that we are the owners of our own making, and if there is something that gets inside us, and if that thing has the power to overcome our faith and destiny by controlling our actions, making us his puppet, then, we are in some serious trouble, I would say!

What is anger? I think its an extempore reaction of something that we do not like and we ourselves are sometimes aware that the reaction that we are making would probably land us into some adverse repurcussions! Why do we do something like that knowing the fact that it may cause serious trouble for us? I do not really know what happens to me when I get angry, as I would not be able to simply control it and I would know that its probably going to ruin a lot of things for me, but I end up doing it anyways! I think that by getting angry, it gives me a certain level of satisfaction. I want to see the other person also getting hurt and the person swallows the same pain that I am currently swalloing. Getting angry also quenches my thirst of a sense of achievement of success. Its very complicated as anyone of you reading this might imagine.

I am not a therapist here, but I think we all can agree on this bit that anger, helps no one. Why? because simply speaking, anger takes the worst out of you and then wont put you back either in the same spot where you originally were, before all of it started. You would probably want to hate yourself after you have had your little tantrum and you have had your little show of agony being portrayed, for which you are definitely going to regret later. Isn’t it funny that how we don’t have any control on ourselves, when we get angry and how we let it rule us!

Every time, there is anger, I believe, it can be managed, however it requires a lot of concious efforts and also would require a lot of practice of letting go things, which by the way should not be always done, but can always be looked upon. Some time back, I thought of an interesting way of looking at anger; I thought, that whenever you get angry jut think, will the issue in hand matter 5 years from now, for which you are getting angry and fighting? If yes, then continue and sort it out, if no then just simply let go. Well, dont you think you all can do the same? I mean, how hard will it be really? You would be amazed to see, how true it is, and that 80% of your time, of getting angry, has actually got nothing to do with your immediate future!

Really, truly speaking, think about it, its really not worth it. Get angry, but dont hold it for more than a minute. Dont keep grudge. Dont stick to a point, that you dont agree with. Just walk it off when you are really boiling. Look away, do whatever it takes, but try to see if the anger can be avoided, cuz if you dont control it then, I am sure regret and a lot of pain is imminent and that is exactly the reason, why this devil called anger should be casted away from our lives forever!

New Age Marriage

In a country like India, marriage is a necessity than someone’s personal choice! Like, how you would need a car for your day to day need, which is not considered to be a luxury but a necessity, similarly, marriage in my country is a necessity and not essentially luxury given to anyone to choose or not to choose whether to get married! Having said that it seems that every child, as soon as he/she is born and breathes the first polluted air of this universe, in my country, specially two things gets automated by the birth. 1) What is he/she is going to become when they grow up and 2) course it’s marriage plans lurking inside the brains of the parents! 
This is my story, I have had experienced all the pressure points of my body, when my parents have continued to force me to get married and settle down. Apparently nothing other than marriage means settling down with my family it seems! I guess most of you who are reading this would agree with me on this. I have had my fair share of relationships like any of you, and have had my share of joys and heartaches like any of you. I have been through the roller coaster ride of the teenage period and have also passed by the phase which was stuck between a teenage and a grown up, when I felt am not fitting anywhere. Now I am in a stage where I am suppose to get married, and the only reason is that I am 28 and I need to get married because the age won’t allow me later on to settle down!
I don’t mean to confuse you. I have a good job, I have good financial background, I am in a good stage of my career, I drive a car (that’s a luxury, still in my country, so it’s kinda big deal) and I have my own (not rental) house. By the way all the things that I just mentioned won’t matter anything because I am not “married” and hence I am still not “settled” according to my parents! So, now do you get it where I come from? Parents love us, but somehow there love always boils down to a certain expectation, which, by the way is always a pressure built by the so called society and the man made rules! Most of the expectations they have till a certain age group of us, still feels genuine, but some of the expectations when they start overriding our expectations and thoughts, due to the generation gap, and not to mention the sheer pressure of the pre historic rules, it becomes a little too much to handle.
My journey started as soon as I accepted the very invitation of my parents that I will marry according to there wish and that I wont be screwing around any more with any other affairs or a list of girls that are not of caste or religion! Yes that is another big thing about being in India and being in one of Middle class traditional Indian Bengali family! Please dont ask in detail now about this. It’s generally always traditional about this stuff and how it works is always stereotype. Basically my mom had been trying to jump hoops to get me married and unfortunately any girl that I had liked was never really liked by my mom! It’s usual, my mom has been trying to talk to me almost about ever alternate day and I have been always getting irritated with this as most of them were her choice and not someone whom I would like. So at the end of the day, we would end up in a fight or argument or my mom would stray with her melodrama! 
One thing I have learnt all this while, during this phase of searching a bride, that almost every one loves money and everyone wants someone who is extremely well settled and is either working in a government job or is at least earning 10 lacs per annum! No one is apparently getting married for love or for the genuinity of the relationship. In fact they first secure themselves financially and then later convince themselves that they are in love due to the peace of financial stability! I, on the contrary believe that, if someone is to get married, then he/she should look at the possibilities and prospects of one’s potentials and not judge anyone based on the current status, which by the way always boils down to financial stability! I have seen couples who have never felt the joy and happiness of the married life they were expecting it to be, once they got married, keeping the financial stone pelted up the ladder! I have seen simple joys and genuine happiness in couples who have got married to each other keeping the financial stability at the later part of there life! Sure, financial stability is extremely important in today’s world, but does that have to come as a compulsion to lead a happy life? I am sure the pessimist would agree but I am more of optimist and I believe when two happy people decide to live together, they certainly achieve the financial part of it too! 
I am on my way to search for this belief of mine and see if I am correct! I hope many of you reading this can relate to what am trying to say here and would believe that whatever we decide keeping heart above head, normally works out as a win win situation! 

Up’s And Down’s – A Story!

Life has it’s own twists and turns. More of twists than the right turns we make. I am one classic example of gods good humor! So, why do I say that? Well, having working for more than 3 years with an organization, I suddenly realize that I am unable to cope up with the bullshit one throws at me and hence I suddenly make a decision to change my job, or rather quit my job without taking another job in hand. Big mistake! But, one only learns from the stupidest mistakes he makes in his life isn’t it? 
It felt like a good thing for me to change the job and also leave the current city I was in as at that time I felt that there was nothing left for me in this city! Again, why do I say that? As I said we tend to make the stupidest mistakes and learn from it! The city had nothing to do with my frustrations and disappointments. I was unnecessarily blaming the city for my own faults. It was my decision and my mistake to blame it on the beautiful city I lived in. Having said that, I anyways chose to leave the city and decided to move to Kolkata! Bang! A new city a new life a new hope suddenly started crawling inside my head like a slow and steady growing parasite!
It seemed like endless opportunities and I felt like I am going to win the world out there once I reach! But who would know what the future holds for anyone. Bags packed! Everything from everywhere stored inside different suitcases and got the tickets to fly to a new land. Did my goodbyes with the select few and I was all set and ready to gobble up the fictitious possibilities that life was giving me an illusion about! While traveling to the airport, was wondering what all I have to face now. Further was thinking if I had made the right decision, if I will get a job, if I will be able to start over with a new city with the same level of competences I had imbibed in me. Lot of questions galloping through my head but with no answers to cater them!
Evening time it was in a hot and humid Kolkata city! I was here! I was in a new big metro! I was here with no clue about how it was going to foster for me! Got down went to the taxi stand got the memo, dumped my bags and off I was traveling through the hustling and bustling sounds of a mega city, on my way to my temporary accommodation at my aunts place! All excited and a little taken aback at the same time with the already juggling insecurities that was constantly deteriorating my mental condition. 
Once I reached my aunts place, everything slowly started sinking in. I was constantly battling with my insecurities and was trying to convince my not so convinced mind, that I had made the right choice. Turns out my mind was right and I was wrong. More on that later on!
It was a weekend and hence I decided to take those two beautiful days off and visit the city for many opportunities that I thought it was about to throw at me. I asked my cousin brother to take me to the area where all the companies were and thought of shortlisting some of them for a busy week of potential interviews that could have given me a moral boost. The best thing about the city was it’s transportation cost and the low prices on everything and the best of foods available at almost every corner of the road. So, while mapping the city I found some good companies and started dreaming of making my solid future with one of them in a city which i decided to live in for the near future.
Weekend went good! Weekdays began. Woke up, got dressed. All formals, shoes shining. Files in my bag and all set to catch the ever crowded busses of Kolkata that was going to take me to my destination. I reached the venue in another hour after getting in the bus and went for the first company. Got inside, sat for a couple of hours, waited for a smiling face to come to me and get me interviewed. It finally happened after another couple of hours and not so smiling face took my interview for almost 40 minutes. After finishing it, went back and awaited a call that was told to me, will come in a day or two. The week was almost getting over, and no call came to me. I was convinced that they did not want me. So, started going through all the job portals applied many of them, went personally to many of them, got calls from some, got openings at some but none worked out.
Yes, it was devastating. My mind was winning and I was loosing hopelessly. In desperation, started getting in touch with old buddies back in my old city and most of them gave me a ray of hope and light! I was suddenly drawn to that light and was concurring with my mind, which was constantly pestering me to go back as it wanted me to accept that I had made a wrong decision. So, I listened to it and booked another ticket, came back to my old town. Ray of hope and that flimsy light that I was looking at, suddenly started working out for me. Friends and there support worked for me. I felt comfortable again! Was in agreement with my mind again. For the moment left my heart isolated as I was not in a position to be an emotional attaché! 
Now I again have a job in the same city and in the same surroundings. Everything seemed to start look ok again. I again feel that I can still make it. So it was never the city or never the opportunities, but it was always the decisions, both rational and irrational decisions that probably made me learn a lot and also the abstract teacher called “life” was happy smiling at the corner and I know it was somewhat praising me as well that I made a right choice. 
Make decisions, and never regret them. It will take time to seek security and happiness, but eventually it will be there to embrace you and make you forget the pain. The worst will get over and the beauty of life will blossom again.

What Will People Say

Life as we all know it, keeps giving us harsh twists and realities that we are not ready to face! I fail to understand how life can always be so ready to pull us down. I guess it keeps forgetting, that we are not god and we really are not ready to face everything and still stand tall at all times. 
Love, for example, is the sweet poison of life. You cant really live without it, and sometimes you really have nothing else but to be at the mercy of it. Humans, are after all, social animals, and they are always dependent on some or the other kind of togetherness and social beings. We are just not made to be alone, no matter how strong we think we are and no matter how much strong we want us to believe we are. But, does, the person you want to be with or love, necessarily become yours, always? I guess not. So Bam! The harsh reality hits you again!
We fall in love, without really doing all the necessary checks, and like life, it does not come with instruction manuals. So half way through, you tend to wish, that it should have come with pre checked terms and conditions. I necessarily do not mean to blame “love” only here, the society, the rules; the regulations, are the main culprit here. Suddenly it becomes highly important to meet expectations of the society and not oneself. 
You need to ensure that you are good looking, you need to ensure you have a decent background, you need to ensure you have a good job and a good reputed family. You need to ensure you are fair (another social stigma of our society) You need to ensure that the person you are in love with meets all the criteria and sometimes more than the ones mentioned. I mean, your own family will forget that what your own son/daughter might be going through, but it will be very important to satisfy the line “What will people say?”
Till the time the above mentioned line is alive and kicking, a lot many lives are going to get wasted for nothing! Welcome to the 21st century!

Writer’s Block

Writers block. Isnt that suppose to be a temporary phase? While I suffer from temporary insanity of my spotless mind, i happen to feel that the eternal sunshine should shine as bright as it should be. I am now in the phase where my mind is overwhelmed with the facts of work, too many changes around me, an uncalled for fear, sometimes a feeling that grips my mind which is as scary as death. I feel am suddenly drained out of all the energy to feel the vibes and animosities that should have happened to me all the time.
I know that writers block is a common phenomenon amongst us writers and bloggers, however I can’t really figure out why am “I” suffering from it currently. I mean I don’t have any brain damage out of some psychotic episode that would have happened in the past or in the present lately. Nevertheless I am suffering from it and that has caused all the delays of delivering some reading pieces for my readers and to an extent to myself as well. I somehow believe any kind of blockage in our lives can be caused only because of our own willingness to accept whatever our mind and heart don’t agree too. By that I mean, is the difference of opinion between our hearts and mind. Don’t we allow the blockages to take over our willingness to do things, which we would have probably planned out from a long time. We are responsible for those things to not pan out the way we want to because at the end of the day we are the ones who allow them not to happen at the first place.
We normally end up with blame games for our own failures. We end up thinking that other factors are responsible for things we were unable to achieve and for the things we could not materialize the way we wanted to. The matter of the fact is that, the blockages that occur whether mentally or physically is the outcome of our own willingness to accept whatever shit life throws at us. I have demanded my mind to retaliate, I have demanded my heart to make peace with whatever demons it has left inside against my mind. I have demanded to rise against all odds and start achieving whatever I want to from my life.
Writers block; what’s that?

"Heartbreaks" Blessings In Disguise!

Once upon a time, love happened. Love happened to all of us. Almost all of us have been through this beautiful, absolute perfect feeling that God can bestow upon us. Love, probably has happened right from a tender age, has happened on the way leading life, or even when life was at the verge of ending its journey. Obviously depending on the various stages and circumstances life threw upon us. The point is, this love bee at one point of time has stung us all in our lives. It actually gives you the best of candid emotions your heart can toy with. It gives you the ride, the time of your life, brings out the best in you, and worst too. Love makes you feel good about almost everything around you, even if it’s as common as your daily routine. It just gives you a feel that you just got your dearest of wishes come true, and even an atheist starts believing in god.
As they say, with every good time, comes bad time. It’s about phases of our life, like a good phase, like a bad one that tails it. Good times normally last lesser compared to bad times. So is it the same deal with love too? Love which is supposed to be so perfect when we feel happiness is simply smitten to our souls, it still is a phase, a good one, which has to end and bring out the devil of unhappiness on us, which unfortunately pioneers the new kinds of unhappiness that we can possibly foresee. Heart is a fine tuned device that we humans carry in us and it is capable of handling all kind of emotions we can possibly throw at it. It is most commonly known for handling the emotion called “love” and for that it goes through a lot of wear and tear too.
Along with heart and love, come heartbreaks too. Now, as I said, with every good thing, there’s always this bad thing waiting to show that nothing good in this world is forever. We have our share of heartbreaks. We curse, we blame, we even sometimes take our blame game to god almighty. But, are we really unhappy and do we really need to put blame on god or us for these heartbreaks? I can understand that ditched out of love can give us a lot of traumatic and depressive moments, it takes away the very nectar of happiness out of our lives, sometimes by force, sometimes by choice and sometimes simply by fate. Heartbreaks are painful, but the trust we have in our lord almighty, can restore the balance in our lives once again. I mean god can never really plan anything bad for us. Lets just keep that part for humans, but god can never do anything wrong to us.
We are our self-creators. We need to decide whether to rise up or keep ourselves at the ground where we are thrown after one such heartbreak. If I have to take it positively, I would say, heartbreaks actually bring the very best in us. They are capable of bringing the true spirits out of us that are possibly hidden or forgotten about! They can bring the potential of doing something wonderful and unimaginable that we probably have forgotten, we can do. We need to simply understand the fact that we have a long life, and we are the only ones who can either make the most out of it to lead it like a leader and set examples, or we can simply let this precious gift called life, wasted! 
Many of you have been through this terrible phase, but has life stopped after such an incident? I am sure it hasn’t. I know you have risen out of this miserable phase; I know that you all have let your life move forward with a sense of grief and at the same time sense of achieving something even better. Some of you have accepted the fact like leader and some of you have simply voluntarily let go off your pain in order to make others happy. Some of you might have been cheated in love, some of you might have had to let go off your emotion because you wanted your lover’s happiness. Some of you even forgot yourself in order to move ahead because you didn’t want to end up like some miserable, pitiable form of living being. In all the cases, you have moved on, and have met with pretty wonderful opportunities that were waiting for you out there!!
If I have to sum it up, I would simply say that heartbreaks are not really a life killer, but they are simply a form of making us understand that life holds many opportunities for us and many potentials to be discovered! It brings the very best out of us, it helps us to understand that not everything that glitters is gold!! It helps us understand that life at every point of time will throw us in a dark hole, but if we keep looking down we will only be surrounded by misery, grief, pain and emptiness. All we have to do is we have to simply look up, because up there, theirs always a ray of hope, a ray of light shining upon us, and we need to choose whether to move to that direction or stay back and embrace darkness. I am a person who likes to see a glass half full and not half empty. Heartbreaks are indeed a blessing in disguise. I know nothing can replace the little pain we have inside but hey, we still have a beautiful god gifted life to lead, and road ahead will only hold positivity and happiness and love for us! 
Trust in god, Trust in yourself and love shall follow you again!! When the right time comes, the right person will fill your life and you shall overcome every bitter phase that you have been through! Always remember heartbreak is not the end of the world. There are many wonderful things to discover and many people who love you and many whom you love!

"Apple Products, Does God Help You Create Them?"

It was anticipated for over a year now, or may be more than a year! No one knew, when and what will happen. Days passed, and along with it, passed time. Suddenly, amongst the midst of all anticipation that could have already sweated out the agony of waiting, all of a sudden there’s a ray of hope! It’s going to be “12th September”. Now, as if there are no other days in the calendar before or after 12th of September, people, well most of them who are tech enthusiasts or sheer lovers of design and functionality, anxiously started counting days for 12th of September. 

Are you wondering what am I talking about? Well, most of you must have got it, given the popularity of it, and for those of you who haven’t yet, am talking about the APPLE EVENT. Am talking about the launch of iPhone 5 and other Apple products along with it. Reporters, Media enthusiasts, Gadget guru’s, Grown men and women who couldn’t have acted in a better way than their kids. Lights went off, Mr. Tim Cook came on the stage, and talked about the competition, and trust me people, no other company were remotely close to what Apple’s numbers had to come out of Mr. Cook’s mouth. All camera’s pointed towards his face as if he was a criminal about to be given the primitive shoot to death sentence. 
In the middle of all the huff buff, and a lot of numbers being spoken about, Mr. Cook finally announced it, and yes to confirm the speculation of whether it’s going to be iPhone “5”, he announced, it was indeed iPhone 5 coming out on a thin rod like thing, and unveiling its beautiful glamour even so from so far. All cameras and everybody instantly felt the happiness of it being revealed. It was the most awaited event, which finally got fulfilled by many of the announcements made.
Since, beginning, I always have seen hype about “Apple Inc.” products. Whenever, Apple is going to launch something, it feels like NASA is going to launch a rocket or even sometimes it feels like ISRO has found a live alien or something. I mean, why is it that iPad, a tablet, is known as the only known tablet and as if any other tablets don’t exist and no one else makes a device like it. Why does music players have a tagged name to it, “iPod” why is that a computer is not called a Personal computer and instead it’s called a “Mac”? Whatever, happened to the pioneers of mobile phone makers, “Motorola”, One-time music player industry leaders “Walkman” by Sony. Literally, the smartphone business was once ruled by BlackBerry but now it seems Apple is slowly and steadily eating everything like a termite and is not even leaving any residue behind.
Undoubtedly, Apple products are so beautiful that sometimes it feels as if god designs them. Ok, so what about the actual functionality and competition, that are already prevalent in the market? There are many companies who make way powerful and sometimes beautiful enough, products but half of the population on this earth don’t know about it. Apple products have become a statement, and anyone who wants to instantly draw attention and spontaneously wants to get famous; my recommendation is own an Apple Product! Its a brand that my beloved Late Mr. Steve Jobs have co created and a person who single handedly blossomed and progressed in the hardest of times. Not only, Apple survived with there unique exquisite range of products, but they were successful enough to swallow a lot of their competitors straight up.
To sum it up, I really think Apple is that one brand which has created a brand value that no other company could. Me, owning all the gadgets of Apple can really say that owning these beauties, is a sheer delight and, I seriously think, God himself is guiding this company and almighty’s own designers are helping them to design these beauties.

Smile! A Tear’s Point Of View!

Smile, laughter, joy, and happiness. Aren’t these beautiful words, beautiful feelings, and beautiful adjectives? We all want these blessings in our life, we all continuously wish for these to be present in us and like a guardian angel watch over us. I have always observed that these beautiful qualities have the capability to exist in all of us and we all have our different ways of expressing it. One thing that I have always thought of is the story behind these qualities we portray. The story behind those glittering smiles, how true those beautiful smiles on our faces, really are. How people are able to smile their way to glory, yet have loads of tear erupting inside them.

This is a tough journey to figure out really. I mean how often do you see someone smiling in your circle, you would say most of the times, depending on the kind of people they are and there behavioral nature as well. Main thing is, how often do we really see the eyes of that person when smiling? I guess not always. Not all of us are keen observers. I on the other hand have this habit of observing a lot. I somehow feel that I can see the hidden pain the undisclosed agony behind those lovely smiles. I feel we all are so entangled in the pressure of the society and surroundings that we have to hide our true emotions. 

It sometimes, feels like, we have to tailor make our emotions to suit the needs of others. I have tasted tears a lot. I have been betrayed, I have went through the pain of agonizing heartbreak, I have dealt with insult and humiliation, many have laughed me off. Well, that all happened, but could I really show my tears to everyone? Not possible, now is it? I had to get up right back, turn myself away from those sorry things and when I met the next person, I had to wear a smile. I have always done that in my life. I believe we all have done this. It’s toughest, when you are going through the worst time of your life, when every passing minute can only bring tears in your pupils, and all you have to do is control them because you have to deal with your everyday life as well, at the same time. 
I have seen street artists, I have seen street side sellers, I have seen older women, I have seen a divorced lady, I have seen a betrayed lover, I have seen a father who has lost his young son, I have seen a woman who could not have her own baby, I have seen a student who could not fulfill his and his parents dream, I have seen grandparents being sent to old age home by there very own children, I have seen a person who lost everything in shares, I have seen people who compromised there happiness to see there family fulfill there’s. What did they all do? They had to wear a smile and made people in there presence feel as if they never went through these balloon filled with agonizing pain. How could they, if they would have, they would have not been able to survive. It’s a cruel world out there, we have to be strong from outside, when we know there are countless things to plant that tree of unhappiness, given every chance it could get.
Yes, I laugh, I smile. I know you do too. Next Time, We know we have a story untold, when we see our near and dear ones laughing. Respect every smile and treasure every happy emotion, because Life as we know it, is more of happiness then tears and sadness.

I Love You, As A Friend, And More..

It’s always said that a “Thin Line” separates Love and Friendship. A famous proverb so is said and carried forward from a long time and passed on by generations to generations. Me, you and may around you and me, have been into situations or phases in life where we have fallen in love, made friends, and in the process of doing so, have heard that the other person whom we think of as our best friend, loves us, and the person whom we love and want in our lives, turns out to be having no feelings at all more than just a friend. I know you all can relate and agree to this statement because this has happened at certain point of time, if not yet, it will soon.

So what is the big deal with the statement “We are just friends” and “I love you but as a friend” and “I have never looked at you in that sense, have always looked upon you as a friend” and similar common statements that, by the way, guys have the most of experience with! Girls on the other hand enjoy saying these statements on the face, covering up the harshness that may be caused by these statements, with a coy voice and a untoward expression on there face! It has happened that we have been friends with many people, however there can be that one person amongst them, who holds a very special place in our hearts, yet we can’t really decide whether it’s simply friendship or something more than that. It creates an unusual discomfort and restlessness in us and we get entangled in the dilemma of solving it, in the right way.
Emotions, especially when dealt in relationships can have catastrophic effects on us. We tend to make a lot of mistakes and end up losing a good relation, which had maintained from a long time. Is it worth having so much upon our heads, just because the complexity of relationships can be so aggravated that it blinds our soul and we suddenly feel like we are held by a devil, who suddenly takes over us? It’s no body’s fault if you love someone but the other person doesn’t love you but takes you only as a friend, a good friend, for that fact. It’s not your fault that when you have a friend from a long time, and you are very good friend of his/her, and you become shy to admit that you are falling for that person. 
It’s the severe intensity of adrenaline rush in our brains that, we at the same point, have to accept that we are not going to get the person we love, and we don’t want to lose a best friend in the process of doing so. I am sure we all have faced this kind of situation at least once. I, believe it’s all about connections, and to an extent, a conspiracy by god involved in making these kind of things happen, at the right time, with the right person. If I have to go by another famous saying, everything happens for a reason. So, what’s the moral of the story here? Well nothing to be honest. We do not control emotions of others and hence we cannot really make a person fall in love by force, neither can make that person our best friend by force. 
Sheer luck and blessing will get us the right person, with the right emotion for us. If you have a very good friend from a very long time, and although you like that person, but apparently you see and know for “sure” that, this person is going to be your best friend forever and not more than that, than my suggestion, treasure that feeling and lock it. Similarly if you love someone and apparently you know there is a fare chance of getting love back form that someone, who by the way, is also, a good friend of yours, my suggestion is, Don’t wait! Reach out and give it a chance! You will either be surprised for life or for the moment.
Relationships, Love, Friendships are as simple as we make it!